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glass infusion bottle capping machine

Describe:glass infusion bottle capping machine

  • Model:glass infusion bottle capping machine
  • Place of Origin:shanghai
  • Update time:2021-04-18
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Detailed introduction

glass infusion bottle capping machine

This produciton line is consisit of bottle feeder, bottle washing  machine, tunnel type sterilization drier(optional according to process requirement) linear type filling machine,rotary table positioning stoppering press capping .automatic finish water /air washing, high temperature drying,filling, stoppering capping(rolling) so one procedure,mainly use for infusion solution and other small dose liquid linkage line,and cooperate with labeling machine form a complete production line.



1.    Suit for different bottle shapes 2.    Work stable, low noise,high accuracy 3.    Low bottle breaking rate,high qualified rate, small energy consumption 4.    Whole line can be controlled by single machine or chained 5.    Touch the material parts is stainless steel 316L 6.    Meet GMP requirements






Filling volume

30-500ml custmize

loading error

≤ ±1%(base on water)

Rotation (rolling) Cover pass rate



30-50BPM 60-90BPM 90-160BPM

Filling way Auger filling Power supply

380V/50Hz or custmize


Whole filling line 45 kw

Compress air demand



Dimension L*W*H



Totally 3000kg

Pump type

Peristaltic pump or ramp pump or Pneumatic plunger pump


Whole machine outside adopt stainless steel 304, touch liquid parts stainless steel 316



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